Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Managed Wifi

Managed WiFi is a service-based approach that burdens an organization with the burden of managing highly evolved and ever changing WiFi technologies. Businesses which make use of cloud managed WiFi services are fast emerging as one of the fast growing industries in today’s technological market. In this paper we discuss why companies should implement managed WiFi for their enterprise networks. This article also gives some details on different features that are available with this type of WiFi.

Managed WiFi is usually provided by cloud providers.

They not only provide the connectivity but also act as an interface between the organizations and their clientele. The most interesting advantage that this form of managed wifi has been the centralization of resources. Thus this leads to a considerable increase in the speed of access points and decreases the time for setting up/de-authentication.

There are various reasons as to why your organization needs to implement a managed service provider for its wifi networks. If you work on a tight budget, you can make use of free wifi hotspots offered by public libraries or universities. However, these free services are usually not reliable. Also, they don’t provide any real security since anyone can connect to the public wifi without a password. A better alternative for managed wifi solution would be a professional managed service provider who would offer high quality connectivity at a reasonable price.

A good managed service provider would make use of WPA-secured networks for the connection of the managed wifi. These ensure that the employees using the devices are protected and secure. Apart from that, you would get fast, reliable, and secure connectivity. The device can be managed using a web-based interface for immediate configuration. In addition to this, the devices can be monitored easily using software to ensure that no unauthorized users are allowed to connect to it.

A managed service provider can help your organization in implementing some important systems for enhancing employee productivity. One of these would be the implementation of WEP (wireless enterprise mode). This ensures that the employees are able to connect to the internet in the corporate environment. The connection would however remain secured and controlled by the corporate system. It is one of the most effective techniques for managing a large number of employees connected to a small workplace.

Apart from this, there are a lot more managed wifi services available in the market that can help your organization achieve a number of goals. You can have a look at these services to find a suitable Managed Service Provider for your business. Some of these are:

One of the key advantages of a managed wifi service provider is its ability to provide fast, reliable, and secure connectivity for your corporate network. It can help you implement a cost-efficient solution for your enterprise needs and meet your requirements efficiently. These Managed WiFi solutions offer the ideal blend of cost-efficient connectivity and effective backup. Furthermore, they allow for flexibility and control over various functions that help in ensuring that your company has an efficient workforce that is always ready to work.

Many companies are looking for a cheaper alternative than the in-house solutions. They are therefore, turning to Managed Services for their Managed WiFi requirements. However, some of these managed services may not be suitable for your company. In such cases, it would be beneficial to opt for an appropriate Managed Service Provider.

There are several Managed Services provided by cloud managed wifi services providers.

These include Customer Portal, which is a web portal for customer support and technical inquiries. The platform provides users with access to all the features of the managed services including wireless connectivity, software updates, hardware upgrades and security updates. It also allows users to create accounts for customers and send them emails.

Wireless-N is one of the latest innovation from internet service providers. It is a technology that supports Wi-Fi Direct, which enables devices to connect to the internet without using a modem. Wi-Fi Direct will enable devices such as laptops, netbooks, and tablet computers to access the internet through mobile networks. This would provide a more cost effective solution than the use of a modem, which would require monthly fees.

  • Wireless-N could help improve the efficiency of your employee productivity.
  • However, it has some drawbacks such as slow speed, downtime and connection drop-outs.
  • To overcome these issues, the use of a Managed WiFi service provider is advised. It would help you manage your company’s mobile devices efficiently and effectively.
  • It also offers convenience for employees to use the internet on their devices.